Chef's specialties :

P3百花酿蟹钳 Stuffed crab claws (2pcs)32.-


DS85炸虾春卷Deep fried rolls shrimps and pork (2pcs)12.-
A11炸鸭松春卷Deep fried duck rolls (2pcs)12.-
11素 春 卷VegetablesSpring Rolls (2pcs)12.-
12越 南 春 卷Chickenand vegetables vietnamese rolls-Nems (4pcs) 16.-
13芝 麻 蝦Shrimpstoast with sesames18.-
14椒盐排骨Sauted Spare ribs with garlic and chili20.-
15京都排骨Imperialspare ribs20.-
16椒盐鲜尤 Fried Cuttlefish with garlic and chili18.-
17炸 蝦Shrimpsfritter (6pcs)19.-
18咖喱角Turkey Curry Puff (6pcs) 18.-
18 A
炸 蝦 丸Deep-Fried Shrimps balls 20.-
19五福併盘Grill Assortment
(Roast pork belly, Cantonese roast pork, Spare ribs and jellyfish salad)
20點心拼盘Assortment appetizers
(Steamed dumplings, Sesame shrimps toast, shrimps fritter, Nems)
20A 串烧沙爹虾丸
Shrimps balls Skewers, satay sauce


1海 鮮 湯 Seafood soup16.-
2粉 丝 湯 Vermicelli and chicken soup10.-
3云 吞 湯 Wun Tun soup (Shrimp and pork)
4蟹肉蘆筍湯 Crabmeat and asparagus soup15.-
5蟹肉粟米汤 Crabmeat and sweet corn soup15.-
6雞肉粟米湯 Chicken and sweet corn soup12.-
7酸 辣 湯 Hot and sour soup (Chicken/egg)12.-
8鴻 運 翅 湯
Fin soup «Hung Wan»16.-
9什 碎 湯 Vegetables soup9.-
10冬 荫 湯 Thaï soup with shrimps (Tom Yum Kung)15.-
10 A牛 肉 羮 Minced beef and egg flower soup16.-


31菜 沙 律 Mixed salad10.-
32雞 沙 律 Chicken salad14.-
33蟹 沙 律 Crabmeat salad18.-
34大 蝦 沙 律
Shrimps salad16.-
DS312香辣海蜇皮 Spicy jellyfish salad25 -