Shrimps and lobster

Spécialité du chef

P 2豉椒龙虾 Lobster with black bean saucePoD *
P 18沙爹龙虾粉丝煲 Lobster in satay sauce in claypotPoD *
* PoD (price of the day 时价)

43黑 椒 虾Shrimps in black pepper sauce38.-
44子 萝 虾Shrimpswith Pineapple & marinated ginger38.-
45五 香 虾Sizzling Shrimps in 5 spices sauce38.-
49宫 保 虾Kun Pao Shrimps38.-
50糖 醋 蝦Shrimps sweet and sour sauce38.-
51腰 果 蝦Shrimps with cashewnuts38.-
55蒜 茸 蝦Grilled prawns with garlic38.-
53香 芒 蝦Shrimps in fresh mango sauce 40.-
48橙 花 虾Shrimps in fresh orange sauce40.-
54XO 酱炒虾球Shrimps with spicy homemade XO sauce40.-
S 6椒 盐 大 虾Prawns fried with salt and fresh chili45.-
P 10豉油皇焗中蝦Grilled gambas withsoy sauce45.-

Fish and seafood

S 5清 蒸 魚Steamedor deep fried whole fishPDJ
112豉椒魚片Monkfish filet in black beans sauce42.-
113姜蔥魚片Monkfishfilet with ginger and green onions 42.-
114糖醋魚片Monkfishfilet in sweet and sour sauce42.-
P 11五柳辣汁鱼Monkfishfilet insweet and spicysauce42.-
W 39顺德煎鱼饼Grilled fish cake ( 4pieces )38.-
211海鮮豆腐煲Seafoodand Tofu in claypot28.-
P 22铁板辣海鮮Sizzling seafood in chili sauce38.-
DS392椒盐带子Scallopsin salt and pepper46.-
P 20蒜茸带子蒸豆腐Steamed scallops ontofu with garlic paste46.-
P 21五香带子Sizzlingscallops in 5 spices sauce46.-