91芥末牛肉 Wasabi beef35.-
94蒜片炒牛肉粒Beefsauteed with dried garlic 35.-
95五 香 牛Sizzling beef in 5 spices sauce 35.-
96豉 椒 牛Beef with black bean sauce32.-
97彩虹牛肉絲Crispy beef in Sweet & Spicy sauce35.-
98葱 爆 牛Beefwith green onions32.-
99雙 冬 牛Beefwith chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots32.-
136痲 婆 豆 腐Ma Po Tofu with minced beef 35.-
S 7香 茅 牛 肉Stir-friedbeef with lemongrass32.-
S 8铁板中式牛柳SizzlingBeef filet in 'Imperial' sauce42.-
S 9铁板黑椒牛柳Sizzling Beef filet in black pepper sauce42.-
W 30牛 腩 煲Beef Stew in claypot42.-
P 23干椒爆牛片Beefsauted with dry chili35.-


DS967京酱爆肉丝Pork in barbecue sauce32.-
106密汁叉烧Cantoneseroasted pork - Char Siu28.-
W 20東坡肉«DongBo» braised pork38.-
110糖 醋 豬Sweet and sour pork28.-
215肉碎茄子煲Spicy Egg plant with minced pork in clay pot32.-
DS964鉄板辣豆腐Sizzling Tofu with minced pork and shrimps35.-
P 15茄子粒香芋炒肉碎Fried minced porkwith eggplant and taro32.-
P 16香茅蒜片猪肉粒Pork sauteed withdried garlic and lemongrass32.-
P 8乾炒四季豆Minced pork withchinese green beans28.-


61咖 喱 鸡Currychicken31.-
62四 川 鸡Szechuanchicken31.-
65五 香 雞5spices chicken31.-
66豉 椒 雞Chickenin Black Beans sauce31.-
69宮 保 雞Chickenwith Kung Po sauce31.-
70糖 醋 雞Sweet and sourchicken31.-
71合 桃 雞Sauted chicken withwalnut31.-
72檸 檬 雞Sliced chicken withlemon sauce31.-
76橙 花 雞Chicken in Freshorange sauce35.-
S 10泰 式 咖 喱 鸡Chickenin Thai green curry32.-
P 17乾 椒 麻 辣 雞Spicychicken with dried red chilli29.-



Our specialty

89北 京 鸭Peking Duck (full for 2 persons)
Skin, meat, pancakes

60鸿运虾胶鸭Roastedduck stuffed with shrimp paste45.-
84子 萝 鸭Duckwith Pineapple & marinated ginger38.-
83橙 花 鴨Duckin Fresh orange sauce40.-
86笋尖酸辣鴨片Duck and bamboo shoots with hot and sour sauce38.-
40香 芒 鸭Duckin Fresh mango sauce40.-
88燒 鴨Cantoneseroasted duck38.-
P 6五 香 鴨 鬆Hung wan duck nest32.-
P 12辣汁荷豆炒鴨柳StiI-fried duck with snow beansand spicy sauce38.-